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This page contains links to or other information about reference information for the R-390 series of receivers.
This document is a compilation of the wisdom shared by members of the online community of R-390A enthusiasts.

As such, it is advice to those who endeavor to maintain and restore the R-390A family of receivers.
The information is shared without warranty, expressed or implied.

Appropriate attribution is appreciated.


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U.S. Army Manuals



R-390A Y2K Manual

U.S. Air Force

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The Final Engineering Report on Radio Receivers R-389( )/URR and R-390( )/URR 1953-Sep-15, Collins Radio Company (Courtesy of Bill Hawkins)

.PDF 1.5 MB

Cost Reduction Program for Radio Receivers, R390/391( )/URR Final Progress Report, Collins Radio Company (Courtesy of Bill Hawkins)

.PDF, 76K


Military Specification, MIL-R-13947B - Receiver, Radio (Radio Receiver R-390( )/URR) 1960-Oct-26 (Courtesy of Tom Marcotte, N5OFF)

.PDF, 168K

MilSpec MIL-R-13947B, Amendment 7

1966-Jun-02 (Courtesy of Craig McCartney)

.PDF, 392K

MilSpec MIL-R-13947B, Notice 1

1986-May-28 (Courtesy of Craig McCartney)

.PDF, 17K

MilSpec MIL-R-13947B, Notice 2

1996-Mar-29 (Courtesy of Craig McCartney)

.PDF, 30K


Military Specification, MIL-PRF-3098/9F, MIL-PRF-3098/16G, MIL-PRF-3098/24D, and MIL-PRF-3098/26F

Military Performance Specification Sheets for the crystals used in the R-390A (Courtesy of Nolan Lee)

.PDF, 137K

U.S. Navy

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2010, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Operation, Maintenance and Installation, 1966-Nov (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU)

.PDF, 45 MB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2010 Temporary Change T2 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU)

.PDF, 504 KB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2010 Temporary Change T3 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU)

.PDF, 521 KB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2011, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Manual Supplement, “Temporary Change 1 to Field Change 6”, 1969-Jun (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU)

.PDF, 2 MB

NAVSHIPS 93053 Temporary Change T2 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU and Miguel Bravo)

.PDF, 880 KB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2012, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Manual Supplement, 1974-Aug-01

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2013, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Manual Supplement, 1974-Aug-01

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2014, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Manual Supplement T-4, 1966-Nov (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU)

.PDF, 77 KB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2031, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Manual Supplement T1A, 1964-Nov-30 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU and Muguel Bravo)

.PDF, 80 KB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2032, Temporary Change T2 to Technical Manual Navships 0967-063-2030 (17 August 1967) (Courtesy of Muguel Bravo)

.PDF, 69 KB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2040, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Technical Performance Standards, 1961-Sep-19

.PDF, 159K

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2050, Maintenance Standards Book for R-390A/URR (Also known as 93053.42A), Includes changes T1 (8/7/63) and T1A (11/30/64), 1963-Aug-07

.PDF, 3.2 MB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2060, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Eliminating Spurious Radiation (Field Change l), 1960-Jan-11

.PDF, 196K

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2070, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Line Output Terminals Modification (Field Change 2), 1960-Oct

.PDF, 150K

Temporary Correction T-1 to NAVSHIPS 93053, (Field Change 3), 1963-Aug-07 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU, and Miguel Bravo)

.PDF, 84 KB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2080, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Changing Terminals to "AN" Type (Field Change 3), 1964-Nov-30

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2110, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR (Field Change 6), 1966 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU and Miguel Bravo)

.PDF, 425 KB

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2111, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Temporary Change T-1 to Field Change 6, 1969-Jun

.PDF, 45K

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2112, Radio Receiver >R-390A/URR Temporary Change T-2 to Field Change 6, 1969-Aug

.PDF, 76K

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2120, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Reduction of Internal Interference (Field Change 7), 1967-Aug-17

.PDF, 530K

NAVSHIPS 0967-063-2140, Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Installation of Diode Load Jack (Field Change 4) and Modification of Antenna Input Connection (Field Change 5), 1966-Nov

.PDF, 341K

EIB 836 regarding a hint to simplify the alignment of the 1st IF (Courtesy of Pete Wokoun, KH6GRT)

.PDF, 605K

EIB 895 regarding adding a dropping resistor to the audio output B+ circuit to reduce the plate voltage after the radio has been converted to solid state rectifiers under Field Change Number 6 (Courtesy of Pete Wokoun, KH6GRT)

.PDF, 523K

EE125-AB-OMI-010/P610 - R390A/URR (SPAWAR 0913-LP-063-2010) of 15 May 1985 (Supercedes the Navy 0967-LP-063-2010 manual of 15 April 1970)

R-390A Digital Frequency Readout Unit Development Report (DSD R-253) - July 1969 - Office of Naval Research

.PDF, 11MB

U.S. Army

TM 11-856A Radio Receiver R390A/URR, 1956-Jan-20 (Courtesy of Tom Norris)

.PDF, 48 MB

TM 11-5820-358-10 Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Operator's Manual, 1961-Jan-16 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU)

.PDF, 43MB

TM11-5820-358-10 Change C2 to Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Operator's Manual, 1965 Jan 15 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU)

.PDF, 4.9 MB

TM 11-5820-358-20 Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Organizational Maintenance Manual, 1961-Feb-10 (Courtesy of Bill Wray)
Eagle-eyed Stefano Frigeri, IU2DIA discovered that chapter 3, pages 19 and 20 are missing from Bill Wray's copy. They are included here.

.PDF, 897K

TM11-5820-358-20P Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists Radio Receiver R-390A/URR, 1972-Jan-25 (Courtesy of Ed Alves, KD6EU)

.PDF, 18.2 MB

TM 11-5820-358-34P DS, GS Maintenance Repair parts for Radio Receiver R-390A/URR, 1972-Feb (Courtesy of Norman Ryan and Roger Ruszkowski)

.PDF, 57 MB

TM 11-5820-358-35 Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Field Depot and Maintenance Manual, 1961-Dec-08 (Courtesy of Bill Wray)

.PDF, 4.94MB

Army Security Agency Training Center Manual ST-32-151,"Visual Alignment of Radio Receivers R-390/URR and R-390A/URR" (Available on the Radio Era Archives CD)

Army Security Agency, Intelligence School, Fort Devens, Massachusetts ST 32-152, "Visual Alignment of Radio Receivers R-390/URR and R-390A/URR" (Courtesy of Rich McClung)

.PDF, 9.1MB

Army Security Agency Training Center Student Workbook (Courtesy of Jeff Adams and Nelson Dionne)

.PDF, 1.6MB

Army Security Agency Ft Devens Training Center Handbook, (Available on the Radio Era Archives CD)

Army MARS "R-390 Cookbook” by A. Carmody It was written for the R390 (NON-A)

.PDF, 1.2 MB

U.S. Air Force

TO 31R1-2URR-286-WC-1 Preventive Maintenance Work Cards 1975-Jun-16 (Courtesy of Jeff Adams and J C Stott)

.PDF, 379K

TO 31R1-2URR-442C Radio Receiver R-390A/URR Organization Maintenance Manual Supplement, 1967-Nov-30


Drawings by Number (Courtesy of Craig McCartney)

.PDF, 112K

Drawings by Name (Courtesy of Craig McCartney)

.PDF, 112K

Meter faces (Visio) (Courtesy of David Goncalves)

.VSD, 1,400K

Meter faces (Acrobat) (Courtesy of David Goncalves)

.PDF, 107K

Meter faces (.TIF) (Courtesy of Buzz at the Military Vehicle and Radio Pages)

R-390A Y2K

The R390A-Y2K Manual The "Re-created" 1985 Navy manual


Wei-Li's Pearls of Wisdom - a valuable collection of postings from the R-390A mailing list.

Roger Ruszkowski's R-390A Checklists - a valuable compilation of wisdom from the R-390A mailing list and other sources.

Perry Sandeen's R-390A Reflector - Redux - a compilation of postings from the R-390A mailing list.

Perry Sandeen's repaginated and edited version of "Receiver noise figure sensitivity and dynamic range - what the numbers mean" - the classic Jim Fisk article from Ham Radio Magazine of October 1975

Perry Sandeen's edited version of "R-390/R-390A AGC - Ending The Moment Of Silence - The Way They Should Have Done It" - by David Wise

Perry Sandeen's contribution of Professor Johannes Fischer's article "The R-390A/URR and its Squelch Facility"

Perry Sandeen's contribution of Hammarlund 1970 R390A Sales Brochure

Perry Sandeen's procedure for Replacing FL101 in the R-390A

Perry Sandeen's procedure for improving the B+ regulator in the R-390A

Perry Sandeen's lists of .5 watt resistors in the R-390A and SP-600

Scott Seickel's excellent R-390A Gear Train Rebuild Tutorial

.PDF, 3.4 MB

Graham Baxter's R-390A Mechanical Filter Repair Tutorial - An outstanding pictoral journey through the repair of R-390A mechanical filters.

2.7 MB

Graham Baxter's R-390A Audio Transformer Repair Tutorial - An enlightening pictoral treatise on the repair of R-390A audio transformer.

.PDF, 716 KB

Larry Haney's R-390A Antenna Relay Repair Tutorial - An introduction to the internals of R-390A antenna relays.

.PDF, 667 KB

Larry Haney's R-390A Collins PTO Observations - A look at the internals of a Collins PTO.

.PDF, 1.8 MB

Larry Haney's R-390A Cosmos PTO Observations - A look at the internals of a Cosmos PTO.

.PDF, 3.3 MB

Larry Haney's R-390A Power-on OA2 Regulator Observations - A look at the operation of the OA2 Regulator Tube.

.PDF, 790 KB

Larry Haney's R-390A - Improved BFO Neutralization - A different method.

.PDF, 8.2 KB

Larry Haney's R-390A DB Meter and S-Signal relationships - A comparative look.

.PDF, 30.2 KB

Larry Haney's R390A Oscillator Output Level Effects

.PDF, 82.7 KB

Larry Haney's R390A Antenna Trimmer Cap Repair

.PDF, 1.4 MB

Larry Haney's AGC Fix for the Lankford SSB Mod

.PDF, 389 KB

Larry Haney's R-390 Newbie Support

.PDF, 71 KB

Larry Haney's R-390A Limiter Filament Dropping Resistor

.PDF, 147 KB

Larry Haney's R-390A Oven Frequency Stability Report

.PDF, 50 KB

Michael Crestohl and Bill Coss provided a collection of handouts from the US Navy Technical Training Center in Pensacola FL. - It is the 'A' School R-390A training handout for the Cryptological Technician Class 'A' Cryptologic Maintenance Course (A-102-109). The document is not classified and is in the public domain

.PDF, 3.4 MB

I replaced the failing Collins mechanical filters in one of my R-390A's with Dave Curry's Longwave Products replacement filters.
Here is my report of the results

.PDF, 117 KB


R-390/URR - R-390A/URR Handboook by Paolo Viappiani, 1996, ISBN Number 9-789705-648898, published by Editrice Il Rostro, Milan, Italy (The book is written in Italian)


Electric Radio Magazine can be obtained from Ray Osterwald, NØDMS, ER's editor at:

                        Electric Radio Magazine
                        14643 County Road G
                        Cortez, CO 81321-9575

A complete index to Electric Radio Magazine is available.

Web Pages

Rick Mish & Miltronix - Servicing R-390A receivers for more than 20 years

R-390A Service

Dave Medley, "The R-390 (EXCEPT the R-390A) Page"

Jan Skirrow, VE7DJX, "BoatAnchor Dreams"



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Ed Alves, KD6EU

J C Stott

Jan Skirrow, VE7DJX

Jeff Adams, KG4RZM

Jose Gavila, EB5AGV

Josh Rovero, KK1D

Michael Crestohl, W1RC

Nelson Dionne

Nolan Lee

Pete Wokoun, KH6GRT

Reid Wheeler

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Scott Seickel

Tom Marcotte, N5OFF

Tom Norris, NU4G

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